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Flex Program

Flex is an academic program that can be tailored to suit the needs of high-performance athletes who train at other facilities. the Flex program provides adaptable teacher and student timetables to provide an academic program that complements the Flex student's training demands.

This program may be particularly attractive to students in sports like gymnastics, dance, and figure skating among others.




Athlete Development Program

Is your son or daughter passionate about sports?  Does she/he love to get out and be moving? Do they love to play sports but have not found that one sport their passionate about?

Are you looking for dynamic balance in your child's life?

Our goal in the Athlete Development Program is to provide the foundations of athletic, basic sport skill development and to explore a wide range of sports.

Our program is designed to implement the core elements of athletic development (balance, flexibility, agility, speed, stamina and co-ordination) and basic sport skill (kicking, striking, throwing, catching, jumping, running) into a variety of sports and games to develop physical literacy.


Developing the Complete Athlete

As a regular part of each students curriculum, SportsCan Academy provides professionally designed curriculum in a variety of programs geared to the development of Elite level athletes.