Mr. Colin Walker:
“SportsCan Academy is an innovative school that allows each and every student-athlete the opportunity to reach their fullest potential both in the classroom and in their sport.”

Our Students:

Our student-athletes come with a common goal of the pursuit of high academic standards and athletic achievements. Each student-athlete also brings their unique experience through their athletic and personal life experiences, leading to a unique enriching learning environment.




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Welcome to SportsCan Academy

Sport Academies and schools have been in existence in Canada for over twenty years.

Sportscan has reviewed many of the programs across the country drawing on best practices from many of the private and public institutions that offer athletic/sport training during the normal school day. What we found was the common thread in all the quality programs was that they provided a supportive learning environment and flexible time tabling to allow the students enrolled in the program the opportunity to significantly advance their athletic skills while achieving a high level of academic success.


SportsCan Academy will provide an opportunity for children ages 6-18 looking for educational and athletic excellence. SportsCan will provide a full line of programs for the athlete enabling them to reach their full potential. These top quality programs include; academic instruction from certified teachers, access to high level coaching, academic support, post-secondary preparations (pursuing athletic & academic scholarships, grants, bursaries, and preparing SATS, etc...), injury management, physical conditioning, sports psychology, and sport nutrition counseling.

During the inagural year, SportsCan Academy will provide a general athletics programs geared towards grades 1-8. This program encourages healthy active lifestyles through providing children with strong fundamental movement and physical literacy skills. At SportsCan Academy, children will experience and learn all sports through certified coaches. By providing children with the ability to play all sports, they are able to later specialize in the one that they are most passionate about. In addition SportsCan Academy will provide a Flex program that is geared to those athletes currently training and competing at a competitive level. The Flex Program provides a level of scheduling flexibility to ensure that the student-athlete is able to succeed equally in the classroom and in sport. The Flex program provides an opportunity to schedule all tests, assignments, and other academic , allowing for training to take place during the day, and provides mental, nutritional, and conditioning programs suited to the individual students needs.

Our Advantage

  • Current Classrooms
    are kept to a maximum of 22 students. In addition to our low teacher to student ratio, classrooms are equipped with the latest Smartboard technology.
  • Flex Programs
    help ensure that athletes currently involved with outside teams and coaches are able to utilize the unique timetable scheduling that all our other athletes experience.

Ancillary Athlete Development Programs
provide our athletes with professionally designed and delivered programs in nutrition, sport psychology, and conditioning.


Sportscan Academy (SA) will be an inclusive,

character-focused learning environment linking excellence in education and athletics with a commitment to healthy, active living for all students. SA will be a school of excellence, flexibility & creativity, enabling developing and elite athletes to achieve their academic goals while training and competing to reach their athletic goals.


Furthering the development of Student Athletes

Our school provides students the opportunity to be top performers in their sport and academics. It is our goal to have every student leave our school as lifelong learners, develop healthy active lifestyles, become career orientated, and respectful members of the community.

The SportsCan experience provides...

  • Flexible programs that accommodate the unique learning needs of athletes
  • Expert support and training
  • Relevant learning with connections to student athlete's lives
  • Emphasizing post-secondary pathways to learning and career choices